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ARMEX blasting and cleaning media, is industry's leading baking soda-based abrasive technology. Use to clean, depaint and degrease a wide variety of substrates including ferrous metals, aluminium and other alloys, plastics and composites and masonry materials like brick, concrete and natural stone. ARMEX is even gentle enough to use on glass without etching.

With over 20 years experience in manufacturing soda blast equipment and the ARMEX media, we have an unrivalled knowledge in the use of this technology. Also read the common questions we are asked.

Clean on or near rotating equipment
Because the ARMEX crystal is soft and friable, it will not damage bearings, seals, or other moving components like hard abrasives will.  

Avoid plant shutdowns
ARMEX is ideal for turnaround situations because many cleaning and depainting jobs can be done while the plant and equipment are still in operation. ARMEX formulations are non-flammable, and, with the exception of Profile Formula XL, are non-sparking and can be used in hazardous duty areas - usually without costly downtime.

Save time, labor, and money
Quickly and thoroughly clean or depaint virtually any surface with little or no masking or pre-washing. Ideal for intricate and hard-to-reach areas, reducing or eliminating solvent cleaning and hand tooling.

Provide a cleaner surface
Superior contaminant removal provides for a cleaner surface, which is fundamental to maximizing coating performance.

Ideal for NDI / NDT preparation
Quickly exposes surfaces for non-destructive inspection and testing, with no metal removal or crack closure.

Reduce waste volume and disposal costs
Compared to other blast media, less ARMEX is required to clean or depaint a square meter of surface area. The result is less waste generated. Also, spent ARMEX media in and of itself is non-hazardous and is easier and less expensive to dispose of. In most cases, it can be disposed of in a sanitary landfill or, because it's soluble, can be washed into a sanitary sewer,. In fact, it may even be beneficial as a buffering agent during the waste treatment process.

Superior worker safety and environmental profile
ARMEX media provides a superior worker and environmental safety profile compared with solvents, caustic chemicals, high pressure water and sandblasting. The media contains no free silica.

Appropriate for food plants
USDA-approved as an A-1 cleaner. ARMEX Soluble Blast Media is also suitable for use in FDA-regulated facilities.


The Formulas

  • Proprietary baking soda-based soluble abrasives.
  • Proprietary free-flowing qualities reduce flow problems associated with baking soda.
  • Wide selection of formulas provides solutions to most coating removal problems.

ARMEX Composite Formula
gentle enough to remove paint from delicate substrates like fibreglass.

ARMEX Maintenance Formula
ideal for general cleaning applications.

ARMEX Maintenance Formula XL
crystals four times larger than typical baking soda, making it highly effective in paint removal applications.

ARMEX Hydroflex Formula XL
designed for use with power washers. It ‘breaks’ the water surface tension so oil and grease are really removed rather then moved around.

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