For over 25 years Gritco designs and produces blastpots, after coolers and accessories for industrial, construction, marine and offshore blasting.

Specialist in blasting equipment

With our blasting pots, after coolers and accessories you will be blasting durable, safe and with a high quality. Our advisors assist you in setting up the entire blasting chain.


High quality blasting equipment at competitive prices

Go for the most durable, safe and high quality blasting results with Gritco’s wide range of professional equipment. Contact your local dealer (or Gritco) to set up up the best possible blasting chain for your specific needs in:

High quality products

Next to being the proud manufacturer of a wide range of professional blasting equipment, Gritco also supplies a well composed set of additional blasting equipment such as (soda) abrasives and personal protection.


All our products

Full service

Gritco is not only the experienced producer of high quality blasting gear, after delivery we like to advice you on how to operate and maintain the equipment the best way to get ultimate blasting results.