In all shapes and sizes

Blast nozzles

Choosing the correct nozzle size and shape depends on the specific application, abrasive and compressor capacity. The right nozzle will provide the highest achievable production output at the lowest possible costs.

It's important to choose the correct nozzle for the given application, abrasive and compressor capacity. Only then you will reach the highest production against the lowest costs.

Size matters
More and faster progress can be achieved with the large(r) blasting patterns of large(r) orifice nozzles. Keep in mind that larger nozzles require larger compressor capacities: more info

Wear resistance
For a long life time (and saving costs) the nozzle has to be fitted with appropriate liner material. Also the use of shock absorbing jacket might be considered.

Water mixing
To minimize environmental inconvenience, the production of blasting dust can be suppressed by adding water to the air and abrasive mixture. Gritco can provide several different wet blast attachments and water mixing nozzles to meet specific blasting needs.

Different shapes
Next to straight, venture shaped nozzles, special curved or fan nozzles can also be provided.