For maximized worker comfort

Blasting suit & gloves

Maximized worker comfort and heavy duty protection from abrasive rebound

Blasting suit

Like all professional protective clothing, blasting suits must meet 89/686/EEG regulations for personal, protective equipment. Gritco’s heavy duty blasting suits come with the proper CE marking and also comply fully to EN ISO 14877 (protective clothing for abrasive blasting operations using granular abrasives).

The worker is well protected from rebounding abrasives by the leather reinforced sleeves & legs fronts, elbow pieces and collar. The heavy duty, breathable cotton back keeps him cool.

To avoid abrasives and dust entering the suit while blasting, the front side is closed off with two flaps. The first flap is closed using press studs, the second with Velcro. Sleeves and legs are closed off with Velcro straps. Sizes vary from S (50) to XXXL (60)



Maximum protection, durability, reliability and comfort with these premium, double palmed, Kevlar stiched leather gloves with an extra leather strip (on the exterior) for more protection. The soft, interior lining provides even more comfortable working conditions.