Gritco's quality brand benefits

Gritco products come with quality features that turn ‘just another’ blasting machine into an innovative, high performance blasting solution.

General Gritco blasting equipment benefits

  • No slow abrasive starting shot.
  • All series can be fitted with a wide choice in tankage varying from 18, 40, 60, 100, 160, 200 to 300 liters.
  • Completely safe according to European Directive PED 2014/68/EU.
  • Objects can be cleaned/blowed off with air (and water).

ECO series benefits

  • Unique Pressure Hold System: vessel gets pressurized after filling so the abrasive is on full speed the moment the blasting starts. No loss of time, abrasives or compressed air. 

MicroStrip series benefits

  • Unique Pressure Hold System: vessel gets pressurized after filling so the abrasive is on full speed the moment the blasting starts. No lost time, abrasives or compressed air.
  • By in- or decreasing the pressure difference of the tank-and blast pressure more or less abrasive will be used. This high tech feature enables very accurate blasting with minimal usage of (even the finest) abrasives.

Continuous series benefits

  • Constant, even flow of abrasives by two horizontally placed blasting vessels with interconnected metering valves.

Subsea series benefits

  • Safe, silent subsea blasting up to depths of 200 meters.
  • Comfortable low nozzle pressures.

Dust-free vacuum series benefits

  • Hose lengths up to 50 meters, all types of abrasives.
  • Easy and safe disposal of dust and pollution in plastic bags.

MiniPro series benefits

  • Compact, economical alternative for less than full time, high class professional blasting results.

Soda blasting series benefits

  • Very effective, economical and environmentally friendly method for cleaning-, depainting- and degreasing numerous sorts of objects with ARMEX soda abrasives. With almost 30 years of experience, Gritco possesses an unrivalled knowhow in successfully applying this type of blasting technology.


Focused on service

  • International service support by local dealers in most European countries, the Middle East, South East Asia, Russia and Australia.
  • 30 years of experience developing and manufacturing a broad range of branch-customized, high quality blasting equipment at competitive prices.
  • Dedicated development of specific, innovative one-on-one blasting solutions.
  • Thorough, practical know-how of all integrated blast chain processes, also of the subsequent painting and metalizing for instance.
  • Quick response times in case of urgent delivery needs or product customization.

Innovative, dedicated blasting solutions

  • Very wide range of dedicated, customized blasting equipment. No standard one-size-fits–all solutions.
  • High speed- and cleanliness results at low labour-, air pressure- and abrasive costs.
  • Increased production possibilities because of comfortable ease-of-use.
  • Extended service life thanks to top quality, heavy duty, highly durable parts. Some Gritco blasting equipment has been in use since Gritco was founded in 1990
  • Low and easy maintenance need.
  • Safety first design, development and manufacturing. According to (or proceeding) the latest regulations and legislation such as the European Directive PED 2014/68/EU.
  • Full range of additional, high quality equipment such as RPB personal protection gear and ARMEX soda abrasives.