Keep it cool, clean and dry. A smooth abrasive flow with dry compressed air.

Aftercoolers from 10 to 30 m³/min

To enable trouble-free blasting the compressed air has to be as dry as possible. Gritco’s range of aftercoolers is designed to get the best possible compressed air, for small, mid-sized or large blasting systems.

To prevent blast pot blockages, secure a smooth, continuous abrasive flow with lesser breakdowns, wear and maintenance, compressed air needs to be cooled down (approximately at 9°C above ambient temperature). Because of this drop in temperature, water condenses and forms drops. These drops are removed by the aftercooler’s centrifugal separator. For even better clean air-results, optional compressed air filters can be fitted to remove oil and other containments.

The aftercooler is fitted with a pneumatic motor for easy everywhere use. For stationary use or compressed air savings an electric motor in 400V is available.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Easy (re)moving and installation
    • Quick setup in less than a minute
    • Easy to use and accessible drainage system
    • Optional automatic drainage

  • Better blasting value

    • Trouble-free blasting production because of 80 - 85% moist extraction
    • Nominal capacity model range of 10 to 30 m³/min (355 to 1060 CFM)
    • Minimal pressure drops through large pipework
    • Best performance at low energy costs because of optimal fan-design
    • Wide choice of (optional) oil- and containment filters

  • Quality includes

    • High quality heat exchanger with copper tubes and aluminum fins
    • Grid protected cooling fins
    • Durable powder coated finish

  • Better blasting economics

    • Best possible blasting production because of trouble-free performance with less stops
    • Saving on abrasive use by better metering possibilities with a smooth continuous abrasive flow
    • Avoid costly, poor blasting results caused by wet compressed air