NOVA 1 blasting helmet

Premium blasting helmet designed to optimize comfort, safety and productivity, with the familiar glass lenses.

The premium RPB NOVA 1 helmet maximizes safe production time through its comfort and functionality features.

The helmet’s weight is evenly balanced over the head which reduces fatigue and optimizes production. The helmet has a perfect fit, protecting not only the workers’ head but also the hearing. Optimum long-term visibility is guaranteed by the glass lenses.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Optimal vision through large(r) glass viewing window
    • Easy to locate and use, large glove-sized latch
    • Reduced lens fogging and maximum (breathing and cooling) airflow

  • Better blasting value

    • Reduced pressure points and an evenly balanced helmet weight through the moulded head liner
    • Hearing protection and comfort because of the side pads
    • No sliding down, yet easily replaced cape secured with 8 snap fasteners

  • Quality includes

    • Built to resist harsh conditions with a high pressure injection moulded Nylon helmet shell
    • All attached parts are separately available and easily replaceable

  • Better blasting economics

    • Increased productivity due to the high level of comfort for the blaster