Dust free blasting & degreasing in one operation with the smoothest surface finish results

Wet blasting cabinets

High spec blasting and degreasing of stainless steel and aluminum objects with a super smooth finish in one single operation.

Extra smooth surface results (compared to dry blasting) with no ‘bouncing’ abrasives and more processed surface results with the water/media slurry that is transported by the glandless polyurethane pump from the cabinet sump to the blast gun where compressed air is added. No pre-cleaning, a dust free finish and diminished ‘abrasive impregnation risk’ because detergents can simply be added to the wet-blasting slurry.

Due to the peened and very smooth results, wet blasting is very popular for the treatment of aluminum & stainless steel products and for engine overhaul & restoration. Wet blasting is also a perfect pre-treatment for coating alloy wheels and is therefore widely used in wheel repair.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Optimal working view through full width window, with screen wiper and wash facility
    • Sufficient access possibilities with large side-door
    • Safe, single footswitch operation
    • Easy maintenance because of quick release pump design

  • Better blasting value

    • Degreasing and blasting in one operation
    • Dust free process
    • Diminished risk on ‘media impregnation’
    • Smoothest surface finish results for extra product value
    • Best results for the food industry. Lowest SRI and Ra values

  • Quality includes

    • Sturdy, full stainless steel construction
    • Wear resistant polyurethane pump with stainless steel inlet filter
    • Extensive option possibilities

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Just a little fresh water is needed to rinse the gun and wash the window, the actual blasting requires no water
    • Recycled water from the sedimentation filter for window washing and gun rinsing can be provided by the optional closed loop system