About Gritco

Thirty three years of designing, developing and manufacturing high quality blasting equipment has taught Gritco the importance of professional surface treatment for many manufacturing processes. Working with Gritco equipment you will profit a great deal from all our knowledge and experience.

Know how, 33 years of experience and Dutch quality

Gritco was founded in 1990 by Wim van der Made, already active in the blasting industry since 1968. Meanwhile the general management has been taken over by the 2nd generation van der Made’s in the person of son Sander. This family succession is one of the reasons Gritco customers can continue to count upon a steady company course dedicated to developing high quality, tailor made and economically sound blasting solutions.  

Worldwide dealer network

During all these years Gritco has realized a solid network of dedicated dealers in Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and Australia.  Through this network Gritco’s innovative blasting solutions find their way to a variety of both national and international customers who appreciate tailor made, high quality blasting solutions at competitive prices. 


Gritco’s product plus points

  • No standard one-size-fits-all solutions but a wide range of specially developed blasting equipment for numerous different branches
  • High speed- and cleanliness results at low labour-, air pressure- and abrasive costs
  • Increased production possibilities because of comfortable ease-of-use
  • Extended service life thanks to top quality, heavy duty, highly durable parts. Some Gritco blasting equipment has been in use since Gritco was founded in 1990
  • Safety first design, development and manufacturing. According to (or proceeding) the latest regulations and legislation such as the European Directive PED 2014/68/EU
  • Full range of additional, high quality equipment such as RPB personal protection gear and ARMEX soda abrasives

Gritco service plus points

  • Over 33 years of experience designing, developing and manufacturing a broad range of branch-customized, high quality blasting equipment at competitive prices
  • Dedicated development of specific, innovative one-on-one blasting solutions
  • Thorough, practical know-how of all integrated blast chain processes, also of the subsequent painting and metalizing for instance
  • Quick response times in case of urgent delivery needs or product customization
  • International service support by local dealers in most European countries, the Middle East, South East Asia, Russia and Australia