About Gritco

We know how important surface treatment can be for your business. If you choose Gritco products, you benefit from all the knowledge and experience we've built up over all these years.

Over 25 years designing and manufactoring innovative blasting equipment

Get the very best results in your daily blasting practice: make use of our vast experience, we are glad to be of service.

Know how, service and Dutch quality

Gritco was founded in 1990 by Wim van der Made as a the logical next step in a surface treatment career that started in 1968. As the daily management has been taken over by his son Sander in 2004. Gritco is now run by the second generation van der Made’s offering customers the combined output of decades of increasing knowledge about all the inns (and outs) of professional blasting and the continuous development of a steadily expanding range of innovative blasting solutions. Select your specific branch for more information.

Gritco's global dealer network

From the compact Dutch head office and factory in Ridderkerk (near the port of Rotterdam) Gritco has built an extensive network of dedicated dealers in Europe and several other countries. They help to market and distribute Gritco’s high quality industrial-, fine- and soda blasting equipment to a wide variety of international customers that appreciate high quality, innovative product standards and a well-balanced, competitive price policy.