Industry's leading baking soda-based abrasive

ARMEX soda blast media

Use the industry's leading baking soda-based abrasive to remove coatings and contaminants without damaging or distorting a wide variety of substrates. Including metal, wood, stone, carbon fiber and even glass.

Soda blasting is very effective for cleaning and depainting if (one or more of) the following applies:

  • Absolutely no surface roughening (which excludes the use of conventional abrasives)
  • No damaging or affecting surrounding rotary and/or hydraulic parts (because of the soda abrasive’s softness)
  • No residue (in engines, process installations, etc.) as ARMEX is 100% water soluble
  • Powerful benefits

    • The MicroStrip blastpot is especially developed for the most efficient, cost-effective use of ARMEX Soda Abrasive
    • To suit any application, ARMEX Soda Blast media comes in 3 different particle sizes
      Maintenance: for general cleaning purposes
      Maintenance XL: highly effective paint removal because of 4x larger crystals (as in basic Baking Soda)
      Composite: the finest grade for (the most) delicate substrates (like fiberglass)

  • Better blasting value

    • Unlike hard abrasives, ARMEX’ soft and friable crystals will not damage bearings, seals or other moving components
    • Quick, clean surface exposure (without metal removal or crack closure) for Non Destructive Inspection and -Testing
    • Maximized coating performance through superior contaminant removal
    • Can be used in hazardous duty areas because of non-sparking and non-flammable formulations

  • Quality includes

    • ARMEX is more than ordinary Baking Soda. It is a Sodium Bicarbonate abrasive especially composed for blasting purposes
    • Uninterrupted operation (especially in humid environments) is assured by the protective additives in ARMEX eliminating clumping and clogging issues

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Compared to solvents-, caustic chemicals-, high pressure water- and sandblasting, the (no free silica containing) ARMEX media provide a superior worker- and environmental safety profile
    • USDA-approved, A-1 cleaner suitable for use in FDA-regulated facilities