Heating or cooling the helmet air for optimum comfort

Helmet air conditioning

The climate control assemblies heat or cool your air supply as required for optimum performance and comfort when working in climate and environmental extremes.

Working in an environment where the temperature is comfortable is key to maximizing productivity. The climate control assemblies do just that. The vortex tube principle is used to either warm or cool the worker’s protective helmet with breathable compressed air, without the use of moving parts, electricity or Freon interference.


Cold air and Hot air tube

The RPB Cold air and Hot air tube are part of RPB safety’s range of economical climate control assemblies. They significantly cool/warm your air supply for optimum performance and comfort.
The cold air tube cools compressed breathing air entering respirators by as much as 32˚F(18˚C). The hot air tube the breathing air entering respirators by as much as 30˚F (17˚C).
Adjusting the outgoing air temperature to the worker’s preference can be done by the airflow regulator. The unit can be easily disassembled for cleaning and maintenance purposes with just as easily replaceable components. 

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C40 Climate Control Device

The RPB C40 Climate Control Device can heat and cool your supplied air as desired. With the slide of a lever, operators can switch from heating to cooling effortlessly, ensuring optimal levels of comfort. It can cool incoming air by up to 52˚F (29˚C) or heat it by up to 33˚F (18˚C). This is achieved by simply switching the mixing lever from hot to cold and by turning the flow control dial the airflow is increased or decreased.
The device is lightweight and ergonomically designed to sit comfortably on the operator’s hip. Low maintenance is required with the air silencers the only parts that need cleaning or replacing.

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