Most accurate blasting with unique pressure hold system. Immidiate start/stop response and precise abrasive dossage.

MicroStrip precision series

Precisely controlled, constant dosage of even the finest abrasives at all blast pressures make Gritco’s Microstrip the best possible solution for e.g. restoration projects and soda blasting.

The Microstrip blast pot decompresses only when it needs refilling. Because of this the abrasive is on ‘full speed’ the moment you start blasting. By in- or decreasing the pressure difference of the tankand blast pressure more or less abrasive will be forced through the fixed caliber. This high tech feature enables very accurate blasting with minimal usage of (even the finest) abrasives. This also makes it the perfect soda blaster.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Immediate start/stop response for very accurate blasting
    • No slow abrasive starting shot, no abrasive spill
    • Less dust by wet/vapour blasting possibilities
    • Air (and water) cleaning/blowing off also possible
    • Easy setting and clear display of blasting and differential pressure

  • Better blasting value

    • Possible blockage is instantly fixed by the unique clean-out-port
    • Equally good settings for every (new) project because of unique dosing method
    • Wide choice in tankage varying from 18, 40, 60 to 100 liters
    • (Spare) parts can be removed easily for quick maintenance
    • Best possible sodablaster for very precise and cost effective soda blasting

  • Quality includes

    • Wear resistant metering valve handles all abrasives
    • Spray painted, galvanized and non-ferrous fittings
    • Completely safe according to European Directive PED 2014/68/EU

  • Environmentally friendly

    • Decompressing for filling only means less usage of compressed air resulting in less energy consumption and CO2 emission
    • Reduced abrasive usage, waste and environmental pollution (dust) because of precise abrasive metering