Maximum comfort for maximum production

NOVA 3 blasting helmet

Revolutionizing blasting helmet designed to optimize safety and productivity, and to minimize worker downtime.

The revolutionary RPB NOVA 3 helmet minimizes worker downtime and maximizes safe production time through its unrivalled comfort and functionality features.

The helmet’s weight is evenly balanced over the head and shoulders which reduces fatigue. In addition a ratchet adjusted neck pad supports the head. With the fully adjustable ‘clever fit padding’ the helmet can be customized to a perfect individual fit, protecting not only the workers’ head and vision but also the hearing.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Increased productivity with tear-off-lens system ensures the removal of just one lens at the time
    • Minimal downtime because of (patented) inner-lens system which can be easily operated wearing leather gloves
    • Optimal downward and peripheral vision through large(r) viewing window
    • Easy to locate and use, large glove-sized latch

  • Better blasting value

    • Reduced pressure points and an evenly balanced helmet weight through the moulded head liner (making the NOVA 3 the best balanced helmet available)
    • Full customizing possibilities with the adjustable back-neck support
    • Increased hearing protection and comfort because of moulded side pads encasing the ears
    • No sliding down, yet easily replaced cape secured with 8 snap fasteners
    • Reduced lens fogging and maximum (breathing and cooling) airflow, also through vents in the top dome 

  • Quality includes

    • Built to resist harsh conditions with a high pressure injection moulded Nylon helmet shell
    • All attached parts are easily replaceable with just one hex lock key located inside the helmet

  • Better blasting economics

    • Over 45 minutes recorded time saved per day (per worker) and increased productivity because of the unique ‘fit-and-save’ tear-off lens system with pre-folded tabs.