Clean breathing air from the user's belt

PX5 Powered Air Purifying Respirator

The easy way to catch clean breathing air, right at your side: no long airlines required.

Not every blasting application needs a compressed air supply to the blasting helmet. When enough clean ambient air is available, breathing air for the blaster can also be realized with the PX5 unit. Think for example of outdoor blasting, facade restoration, soda blasting etc. The PX5 cannot be used in enclosed spaces such as blasting rooms.

The PX5 is an easy way to catch clean breathing air, right at your side: no long airlines required!

The PX5 produces high quality breathing air for RPB blasting helmets and - hoods. This robust and versatile, so called Powered Air Purifier (PAPR) device provides the operator not only with clean air but also with complete ‘moving-around’ flexibility.

How does the PX5 breathe?

Air is drawn through air inlet scallops by an ultra-efficient, multi-speed-fan. Possible sparks can be eliminated by an (optional) spark-arrestor. To enhance the cartridge’s life-time, large particles are removed by a pre filter before the air is circulated through the cartridge. The PX5 is right at your side to provide high quality, purified fresh air.

Durability ensured

Operating up to 12+ hours on one charge is no problem for the PX5. You can count on it’s durable, lightweight, rechargeable Lithium battery at low fan speed. At high fan speed this is 8+ hours. Worker’s safety is furthermore supported by a LED-display clearly showing the fan speed, air flow speed and remaining battery time. The unit sounds off an - audible and vibrating - alert when the airflow progresses towards less-than minimal requirements.