Recyclable abrasives

Recyclable abrasives are used in vacuum blast machines, blast rooms, blasting cabinets and other systems where they can be collected, cleaned and reused over and over again.

Recyclable abrasives can be divided in different groups of metallic and non-metallic abrasives and angular or round shaped ones.

To avoid containments which can result into corrosion, non-ferrous objects are generally treated with non-metallic abrasives. For all others materials also metallic abrasives can be used.

Angular shaped abrasives have a good "chiselling" effect and are therefore used to remove mill scale, rust and paint. Using angular abrasives also results in a surface roughness which is required for e.g. coating systems or metallizing.
Round abrasives have a more "polishing" effect and are mainly used to create a cosmetic (semi-)gloss finish of objects. Round abrasives are also used with wheel blasting machines or for shot peening processes to strengthen and relieve stress in components. 

Many manufacturers have given brand names to their products but below you will find some examples of recyclable abrasives by the basic material name.

  Non-metallic Metallic
Angular    Aluminium oxide, Silicon carbide, Plastic media Steel grit, Chilled iron grit   
Round Glass beads, Ceramic beads, Stainless steel shot    Steel shot


Gritco and its experienced distributors can assist you with choosing the correct abrasive and size for your application and meet required parameters like e.g. surface roughness.