Blasting/cleaning without affecting the surface

Soda blasting cabinets

Safe and effective high spec cleaning without affecting the object’s surface ideal for molds, engines, etc.

As the – one time use – soda blasting media disintegrates on impact, much dust is produced (compared to using conventional abrasives). To maintain good visibility and a dust- and problem free operation, Gritco’s GloveBox cabinets are fitted with a specially designed extraction system that removes all used abrasives, dust and contamination.

The most precise and controlled Soda blasting media metering is realized with Gritco’s MicroStrip blast pot. The cabinet can be custom build to meet specific object size, - shape or weight requirements. Different (semi) automation steps can also be realized.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Good working view through full width window and effective dust extraction
    • Sufficient access possibilities with large side-door
    • Easy disposal of collected dust in two hoppers with plastic bags
    • Automatic filter cartridge cleaning

  • Better blasting value

    • Blasting/cleaning without affecting the surface
    • One-time-use soda prevents re-contamination of objects
    • Clear, prolonged visibility and dust free operation ensured by pre-separator cyclone and automatic filter cleaning
    • One-go-only cleaning process saves time 

  • Quality includes

    • No workshop pollution from dust and pollution through specially designed dust extractor
    • Durable powder coated cabinet and extractor
    • Specially designed MicroStrip blast pot for efficient and cost effective soda blasting

  • Environmentally friendly

    • No use of water or chemicals
    • Used soda media is easy to dispose of