Why do I need an aftercooler?

Because you want to prevent blast pot blockages, premature equipment wear and faulty blasting results.

Compressor-air is hot and contains humid vapour. When it cools down in the blast pot and hoses (because of the significantly lower ambient air temperature) the vapour will condense forming water drops. Because of this phenomena the abrasive can easily clog and cause blast pot blockage. The humid air will also affect the (control) valves and degrade blasting results leaving a undesired residue that can cause paint- and other problems in the following production process.   

Start off with cool air!
Getting rid of moisture from compressed air starts by cooling it - to some 9˚C above ambient temperatures - right at the start. Because of this temperature drop the vapour will condense and form water drops. These drops are deleted by the aftercooler’s centrifugal separator. In addition, optional compressed air filters can remove oil and other contaminants.

Please note: dry compressed air cannot be supplied by single separators and filters while the water still exists as a vapour instead of drops. The air has to be cooled down first!

Gritco air coolers are the key to dry air
Trouble-free blasting with a smooth, continuous abrasive flow and high quality surface results starts with dry air. Gritco’s manufactures a wide range of aftercoolers designed to prevent blast pot blockages, breakdowns and minimize maintenance and repairs with the best possible air for small, mid-sized or large blasting systems. More info here.