Soda blasting applications

Soda blasting is an effective, economical and environmentally method for cleaning, depainting and degreasing. Use it to remove coatings and contaminants without damage or distortion to a wide variety of substrates.

Soda blasting is a very effective method of cleaning and depainting when one or more of the following points is important:

  • No roughening at all of the surface, therefore conventinal abrasives cannot be used.
  • The softness of soda blast media will prevent damages to e.g. (surrounding) rotary or hydraulic parts.
  • Because ARMEX is 100% water soluble it's ensured that no residue is left behind in e.g. engines or process installations.

Below some typical applications and benefits of the ARMEX soda blasting media in combination with the unique Gritco MicroStrip machine or GloveBox soda blast cabinet.


  • No damage / roughening of the surface.
  • No risk to rotating parts.
  • Safe "non-sparking" abrasive of food quality.
  • Simple clean-up because of the water solubility of the soda abrasive.
  • Selective paint removal.
  • Typical applications: cleaning of heat exchangers (ACHE), process equipment
  • Watch the demo video 1video 2video 3


  • No distortion of the surface so the mold keeps its original specifications and therefore lasts much longer.
  • No abrasive residue can remain behind because of the water solubility of the soda media.
  • When applied dry, the mold doesn't cool down a lot and is production ready again in no-time.
  • Typical application: cleaning of rubber moulds (e.g. for tyres)
  • Watch the demo video


ARMEX_soda_blasting_fire_restorationFire damage control / salvage

  • Insurance companies can make a good inventory of the real damage because soda blasting does not affect the original surface.
  • Little or no use of water.
  • The soda media neutralizes the fire and smoke odor. 
  • Typical applications: cleaning of wooden beams, soft stone
  • Watch the demo video


ARMEX_soda_blasting_anilox_rollFlexo printing

  • Fast thorough deep cleaning.
  • No risk for the (anilox) roll because of the softness of the soda media.
  • No use of chemicals and therefore low costs for wate disposal.
  • Automatic cleaning with our FlexoMate systems.
  • Watch the demo video



  • No pretreatment necessary.
  • Blasting of i.e. stainless steel, glass and marble is now possible.
  • Masking is unnecessary.
  • No use of chemicals and therefore often easy to clean up afterwards.
  • Depending on the paint/contamination the waste can be just flushed away afterwards.
  • Typical applications: cleaning of stainless steel, polished stone



  • Thorough cleaning.
  • No deterioration of the substrate.
  • No abrasive residue can remain behind. Because of the water solubility of the ARMEX, all media can be rinsed away afterwards.
  • Typical applications: cleaning of critical parts for remanufacturing, like cylinder heads, gearboxes
  • Watch the demo video



  • Ideal for Non Destructive Inspection (NDI) because there is no risk of crack closure.
  • No abrasive residue can remain behind.
  • Blasting of composite possible.
  • Selective paint removal.
  • Typical applications: cleaning of critical parts for maintenance like hydraulic systems
  • Watch the demo video



  • No risk to the gelcoat.
  • Antifouling removal while keeping the primer intact.
  • Simple washing away of the used soda media on e.g. an existing wash area.
  • Typical application: boat hull cleaning and coating removal
  • Watch the demo video