Can I use soda through my ordinary blastpot?

You could, but this would give poor results and excess soda consumption.

Compared to conventional blasting, soda blasting requires substantially less abrasive media. A constant, accurate media dosage (of about 25 kg per hour) is essential. For efficient soda blasting each crystal should impact on the surface being cleaned. This requires very precise metering of the media which is not possible through standard blast equipment. Excess soda consumption would also be very costly and increase the clean-up time. Our MicroStrip equipment is designed to give very precise metering of abrasive and blast pressure to give the most efficient and cost effective blasting.

For a test, you can of course use your ordinary blastpot. If soda blasting indeed gives the desired surface result, please contact us for additional information and demonstration possibilities of our special soda blasting systems.