Blasting tools for diameters of 30 to 1600 mm

Pipe blasting equipment

Preparing the internal pipe surface for a high quality coating finish - according to stringent oil and gas industry specs – thus ensuring years of safe, maintenance free operation can be achieved with Gritco’s wide range of pipe blasting equipment fitting almost all blast pots (replacing the nozzle). Thorough cleaning is accomplished by a single run of the device through the pipe.

The deflection tip of the Mini Tublast and standard Tublast spreads the abrasive in a wide circular pattern effectively blasting pipes ranging from 30 to 100mm and 76 to 300mm. The device is precisely centered by one of Gritco’s different centering carriages.

Pipes measuring 300 to 900mm and 890 to 1600mm can be blasted by the two rotating nozzles on Gritco’s Rotoblast and Jumbo Rotoblast devices. An overall uniform blasting result is ensured by the adjustable legs on the centering carriage.

In completion of the pipe blasting equipment a series of Gritco pipe coaters is available to finish any pipe treatment project.