The perfect addition to any (overhaul) workshop

Suction feed cabinets

Suitable for a wide range of different projects varying from pre-repair rust- and/or paint removal to pre-revision cleaning and/or polishing.

Suction feed blasting operates with two hoses connected to the blasting gun. Compressed air from one hose creates a vacuum in the gun which collects the abrasive through the other hose.

Good visibility and effective dust containment is achieved by the powerful dust extracting system. Depending on the abrasive type and application, dust extraction can be optimized by applying automatically cleaned filter cartridges or a cyclone separator.

  • Powerful benefits

    • Easy start/stop blasting with large foot pedal
    • Good working view through full width window and effective dust extraction
    • Sufficient access possibilities with large side-door
    • Easy disposal of collected dust in hopper

  • Better blasting value

    • Increased work speed compared to sanding
    • Easy changing and using different abrasives through quick discharge hatch
    • Optimal surface preparing for further painting- and glueing processing
    • Adds a nice cosmetic finish

  • Quality includes

    • Wear resistant blasting gun, nozzle and hoses
    • No dust and/or abrasive pollution of the surrounding (work) area
    • Durable, powder coated cabinet and extractor

  • Better blasting economics

    • Time and money saved by in-house blasting
    • Eliminated production downtime through effective pre-treatment